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Topi sets a new World Record

On Saturday 2nd of November 2002 Andora (Italy)??a finnish freediver TOPI LINTUKANGAS has set a new world record on freediving in ??unassisted constant ballast??category by diving to the depth of –60 meters in time of 1??59" (verified by F.R.E.E.).

The previous record was held by Jamaican freediver David Lee, by depth of — 51 meters (verified by F.R.E.E). As F.R.E.E. accepts only a 3 meters increase on records, Topi has set up another two official records during the training period in Andora — 54 meters on Sunday 27.10 and –57 meters on Wednesday 30.10 (both records verified by F.R.E.E).

At the surface Topi was in perfect condition, even though he had some problems with equalizing his ears, causing some vertigo during the ascending.

On this demanding gategory diver dives to the target depth and back to the surface without the help of any propulsion devices. Diver is allowed to wear only the wetsuit, noseclip, goggles/mask and weight belt.

This record was sponsored by SUUNTO and RED BULL and organized in collaboration with: Sport7 Diving Club Circolo e Punto Mare FIAS (Andora), Federazione Italiana Attivit?? Subacquee (FIAS) ja Comune di Andora e Assessorato Sport e Ambiente (Andora community sport assessory).

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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