Underwater shutterbugs who prefer editing their pictures on their smartphones or tablets are in for a treat, because photography software company Vivid-Pix’s LAND & SEA software is now available on iTunes and will soon be available on Android’s Google Play.

Once the pictures are transferred from the camera to the smartphone or tablet, Vivid-Pix’s LAND & SEA image-enhancement technology allows you to quickly and easily improve your photos by automatically adjusting color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Simple, intuitive slider controls fine-tune as desired.

Vivid-Pix CEO Rick Voight says:

“In the world of seemingly unlimited apps, it is hard to imagine that something so unique and broadly needed for improving photos would just now be coming to light. However LAND & SEA is here now, and it is a great way for consumers to vividly, and in great detail, re-live and share their summertime memories of camping, visiting local and distant parks and forests, or cooling off at a nearby pool or beach.”

Once you’re satisfied with your processed image, LAND & SEA lets you save it as a full-resolution file or as a low-resolution HD file for emailing and sharing on social media.

You can find Vivid-Pix’s LAND & SEA app on iTunes for US$4.99/4.42 Euros, and the Android version will available soon on Google Play for the same price.

Once you download LAND & SEA, there’s also an available in-app upgrade for an additional $19.99/17.71 Euros that provides SCUBA depth image improvement and other features. The Android upgrade will also be available soon.

If you like processing your pictures the old-fashioned way, i.e. on a desktop/laptop computer, there’s a free trial version of LAND & SEA for either Mac or Windows you can immediately download with no credit card required. The full version costs $24.99/22.14 Euros for Windows or Mac OS.

For more information, check out the app on iTunes or more info on Vivid-Pix website at vivid-pix.com.

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