UK diver Joe Pike recently took to the water in Devon, UK to go spearfishing.  Little did he know that during his dive he would snag the largest Lobster found in UK waters in 85 years!

Weighing in at 7.65kg / 16.87lb it certainly is a monster.  The world record for the largest lobster caught is 20.13kg / 44lb 6oz caught in 1977 off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Pike had this to say on YouTube:

“The lobster was out of water for a few hours before I took it to a special tank in the national marine aquarium. It was decided he is better protected at his grand old age. He is doing well, with an actual weight of 7.65Kgs.”

You can watch the video of the capture below:

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Stephan Whelan
Stephan is the Founder of His passion for the underwater world started at 8 years-old with a try-dive in a hotel pool on holiday that soon formulated into a passion he pursued in all his spare time. In 1996 his passion for the underwater world led him to setup When he gets time he enjoys both Freediving and Scuba Diving when not traveling for work or enjoying time with his family in London.


  1. no problem for took it to in the national marine aquarium…BUT, BUT the author does not seem to know the basic recommendations that transmit the spearfishing federation to its licensees ??? it’s really serious !
    never ever you keep a loaded gun out of the water … it’s totally stupid … for his life and that of others !!!

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