World Champion Freediver Martin Stepanek establishs new FreeDiving Training company

Martin Stepanek, world champion and world record freediver, has established a new company that will provide cutting edge freediving services and instruction built on the foundation of Martin’s many years of world class experience. Based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Freediving Instructors and Trainers, LLC (FIT) will provide a full range of freediving instruction with programs available from novice to elite levels. FIT will provide more than just educational programs.

FIT plans to work hand in hand with dive centers to establish working relationships that support the freediving community and provide opportunities for cross training for scuba divers. FIT promises a life changing program which enables its participants to excel to any level they choose in the realm of freediving.

Martin Stepanek has set nine world records in various freediving disciplines over the past six years. He was the first man to hold his breath for over eight minutes, and is an avid scuba diver having worked as a commercial and saturation diver. Stepanek notes:

"Based on all of the years I have been involved in competitive freediving, research, and education ranging from beginner to elite athlete, I have seen countless great developments within our sport. Through FIT, I would like to provide solutions and new opportunities to those that the sport has failed to reach and to those who already consider it a lifestyle."

Add depth to your life. Visit Freediving Instructors and Trainers at

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