10 Bar Underwater Housings is at DEMA Show this year, introducing its new adaptable snoots for your Inon, Sea&Sea and Ikelite strobe systems.

The extendable snoots are adjustable to fit your strobe through a screw tap system and rubber shims with stickable backs.

The snoots feature a laser pointer for fine tuning your focus of your flash to make it easy to find your subject focus. The laser is powered by three LR44 button cell batteries.

The Snoot 38 (US$130/111.83 Euros) and Snoot 53 ($120/103.23 Euros) have a condenser and multi-color filter to fine tune to your subject. The adjustable Snoot 25-50 ($85-73.12 Euros) condenser has 2 / F35 condensers for macro photography.

The snoots are made of anodized marine grade aluminum. For more info, check out the 10 Bar Underwater Housings website at 10bar.com.

10 Bar Underwater Housings Introduces New Adaptable Snoots