Wednesday, October 28, 2020

2nd surfer attacked in Florida


“Our friends over at have the following news snippet:

“”A shark has attacked a surfer only kilometres from where eight-year-old Jessie Arbogast was mauled by a bull shark ten days ago.
The surfer was bitten on the leg while surfing the Florida coastline. He was hospitalised but is said to be in good condition. In local news reports the surfer stated he had seen a large shadow below him before the attack but did not believe he was in danger.

Jessie Arbogast is said to be critical but stable condition after surviving a shark attack where his arm was ripped off just below the shoulder. Doctors treating Jessie have said he is making steady but slow progress, they believe the eight year old may not have suffered brain damage despite the vast loss of blood when he was attacked.””

No doubt we will start seeing further demonisation of Sharks for this second attack.”

2nd surfer attacked in Florida 3
Stephan Whelan
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