3 New National Records Set At 2014 Great Northern Freediving Competition

Great Northern Rebecca Coales. Photo courtesy of Daan Verhoeven
Great Northern Rebecca Coales. Photo courtesy of Daan Verhoeven

The 2014 Great Northern International UK Freediving Competition was held at the Lifestyle Fitness Aquatic Centre in Liverpool last weekend.  51 Athletes competed, 15 countries were represented and 3 new National Records were set.

DeeperBlue.com was in attendance and could see first hand how the event, organised by Steve Millard of the Apneists UK group, has grown over the last 5 years with athletes, volunteers and judges coming from all over the world.

“Another amazing year for me hosting the Great Northern competition. Again with humility I acknowledge the massive efforts, and skill of the volunteers that have put in their time to make it not only professional but friendly, relaxed and safe. A difficult combination to get right, and impossible without them. The sponsors have done us proud, and the athletes have put in some inspiring performances. It is my honour to be a part of this amazing community, I will strive to improve all that is around me…. Onward and upwards!” said organizer Steve Millard.

The competition was made up of a combined point score over three disciplines. Dynamic No Fins (DNF) on day one, Static (STA) and Dynamic With Fins (DYN) on day two.

The men’s event saw Venezuelan Antonio Del Duca win with three white cards and solid performances. Poland’s Roman Walczyk and the UK’s Tim Money were only just behind him.

In the Ladies event we saw the UK dominate with Liv Philip put in three good dives, the up and coming Rebecca Ryan and the well established world class Georgina Miller were all churning out big dives. A notable 129m Dynamic No Fins (DNF) from Rebecca Ryan, and another big 6 minutes plus from Georgina meant they were hot on the heels of the eventual winner Rebecca Coales. Coales put in some world class performances to seal the overall International title, and British trophies, and another National Record in Dynamic No-Fins of 145m.


International Male:

  1. Antonio Del Duca (VEN)
  2. Roman Walczyk (POL)
  3. Tim Money (UK)

British Freediving Association UK Men:

  1. Tim Money
  2. Gary Lowe
  3. Gary McGrath

International Female:

  1. Rebecca Coales
  2. George Miller
  3. Rebecca Ryan

British Freediving Association UK Female:

  1. Rebecca Coales
  2. George Miller
  3. Rebecca Ryan

Best Female Newbie –  Vinnie Ellwood, Apneists UK.

Best Male Newbie –  Jev Maligins, Apneists UK.

Great Northern 2014 - Static Great Northern DNF Great Northern Rebecca CoalesPhotos Courtesy of Daan Verhoeven and Frogfish Photography