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5 Top Action Sports for Using ExoWear


ExoWear does it all. From surf, to SUP, all the way to triathlon, BARE’s minimal and modular Exowear Hooded Vest is the perfect supplement to any aquatic adventure. Whether used in tandem with a drysuit or wetsuit, or worn solo in warmer waters, ExoWear is the perfect modular insulation layer.  

Tapping into the enhanced heat-capturing technology that underlies our OmniRed lining, ExoWear keeps you warmer, for longer. The 13 highly reactive minerals convert outbound body heat into thermal energy and reflect it back to the body. This process allows watersports enthusiasts to maintain optimal body temps and stay warm in a wide array of activities and conditions.

ExoWear’s versatility is its main selling point. From cold-water outings where it’s used as a supplement to your wetsuit or drysuit, to all-day surf or snorkel where it’s the difference between a short or long session, ExoWear helps you play longer in the water.

And far from a one-act immersion technology, ExoWear can adapt to any water-lover’s favorite activity. Don’t believe us? Below we’ve listed some of the top sports you can enjoy under the protective thermal regulation of ExoWear.     

Top 5 Sports for Using ExoWear

1. Surfing 

Part of what makes ExoWear such a great supplement to your surf session is its adaptable modularity. It’s warm, yet minimal, so it’ll overperform in coldish environments while still allowing your body to breathe when conditions heat up. Plus, the new Hooded Vest keeps your arms free for a full-range of motion—something that makes paddling your board into the next set that much easier. 

5 Top Action Sports for Using ExoWear
5 Top Action Sports for Using ExoWear

2. Freediving/Dive/Snorkel

On a similar note, ExoWear—particularly the Hooded Vest—is an excellent freediving/diving/snorkeling companion because it protects your head from the chill while allowing your arms a free range of motion. Ideally, you’ll be propelling mostly with your legs, but having your arms free to assist increases maneuverability and thrust. Also, temps can vary greatly just beneath the surface, so it helps to have a piece of ExoWear brunting the full shock of a chilly aquatic thermal layer. 

5 Top Action Sports for Using ExoWear
5 Top Action Sports for Using ExoWear

3. Rafting/Kayaking

Often chilly and varying greatly from season to season, ExoWear lets you commit fully to your next big river run. It’s ideal for wearing under a splash top or drysuit to increase thermal regulation. But it also performs exceedingly well midsummer when the temps are warm, but the river spray is still shockingly cold and you want something to help with thermal regulation that won’t cause overheating. 

4. Wake Surfing 

Exowear is made for wake surfing. Why? It helps keep your body temps regulated when you have those inevitable wipeouts. Plus, it also beats back the wind and breeze that’ll hit once you’re fully saturated from the spray and surf. As a layering system, ExoWear helps you recover and adapt, holding in heat once you’re out of the water. But it also retains that thermal energy when you submerge time and again as is likely with any lake-and-wake excursion.  

5. SUP

Contrary to how it looks, learning how to SUP can be a little tricky. This means that you’ll inevitably spend some time falling into the water. ExoWear lessens the shock of each immersion and allows you to retain more energy for extending the SUP lesson or mission. Likewise, if you’re crossing a body of water, the breeze is likely to take the wind out of your proverbial sails. ExoWear cuts the wind and keeps your body cocooned in a warm thermal environment that enables you to keep going for longer, paddle after paddle, so you can make it to your destination comfortably. 

5 Top Action Sports for Using ExoWear
5 Top Action Sports for Using ExoWear

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