Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Obituary – Robert (Bob) Hollis

Bob Hollis, a pioneer in the Scuba Diving industry, has passed away aged 85

Top 5 Reasons to Start Freediving

If a mix of freedom, range, and meditative challenge is what you crave, perhaps it’s time to take up freediving.

5 Top Action Sports for Using ExoWear

BARE's ExoWear does it all. Don’t believe us? We’ve listed some of the top sports you can enjoy under the protective thermal regulation of ExoWear.     

Women That Dive: Alejandra Hernandez

We profile Ocean Researcher and PRISM 2 Rebreather diver Alejandra Hernandez

How to Choose the Best Suit for the Conditions

To help you BARE the conditions, we took a look at the various temps our suits cover and which one is best for you and your local aquatic playground.

How Prism 2’s Are Used For Research

Like it or not, recreational scuba diving has its limits. We look at why underwater pros are moving to a rebreather such as the Hollis Prism 2

How To Configure Your Drysuit

Buying a new drysuit can be tough. So whether you’re just getting started - or are replacing your 20-year-old suit - it’s helpful to learn more about modern drysuit technology and how it aligns with your specific needs as a diver.

Meet the Katana 2 With Nick Hollis

We sat down with Nick Hollis to learn more about the much-anticipated sidemount harness, the Katana 2, and some of its key features and design highlights.  

Revel and Elate Tested in British Columbia

Last spring, BARE Social Media Manager Bill Drumm took a few of his friends on a camping trip on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island to test BARE’s newest watersport-focused wetsuits, the Revel and Elate.