99 Tips To Get Better At Spearfishing eBook Launched

99 Tips to get better at Spearfishing eBook cover
99 Tips to get better at Spearfishing eBook cover

The guys over at NoobSpearo podcast – Issac Daly and Levi Brown – have launched their first ebook – 99 Tips To Get Better At Spearfishing.

40 of the worlds best spearfishers contribute to a wealth of information for readers on topics such as:

The Tips deal with topics such as:

  • How to find good places to go spearfishing
  • How to increase your bottom time
  • Improve your spearfishing hunting technique
  • Overcome common difficulties such as cramp, seasickness, and equalizing
  • How to find a mentor, dive buddies and get involved in competitions
  • Tips for how to be effective at shore & boat diving
  • Blue water hunting and more

Co-author Daly had this to say to DeeperBlue.com:

“When Levi and I started spearfishing (in different countries) we had lots of issues to overcome in order to spearfish safely and successfully. I battled with finding people to go with, finding the right places to go to, and putting together equipment that got the job done and didn’t break the bank.

We both soon discovered that spearfishing has one of the steepest learning curves imaginable and so we started the Noob Spearo Podcast, a show where we track down some of the worlds best spearo’s and learn from their stories, experience and advice. This book contains some of that advice distilled into concise actionable tips for you to apply to your own spearfishing.”

You can buy the book for $5.99 in electronic format on Amazon.com.

BUY NOW: Amazon.com