The AIDA 2016 Freediving World Pool Championships saw 6 World Records fall over the course the 9 days of qualifiers and finals in the competition.  You can see our gallery of all the World Records below.  Further details below the gallery.

The World Records are (in order of when they were set):

  • Mateusz Malina (Poland) – Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) – 232m
  • Magdalena Solich (Poland) – Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) – 185m
  • Mateusz Malina (Poland) – Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) – 244m
  • Giorgos “George” Panagiotakis (Greece) – Dynamic (DYN) – 300m
  • Mateusz Malina – Dynamic (Poland) – Dynamic (DYN) – 300m
  • Oleksandr Bubenchykov (Ukraine) – Dynamic (DYN) – 289m

Photos courtesy of Daan Verhoeven and Elina Manninen.

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