Monday, October 26, 2020

Antero Joki Sets Freediving Records at Suunto Vertical Blue


Antero Joki is not a little man. He does not have what you would call the customary slim physique of a competitive freediver. Nor does he practice any of the orthodoxy that most of the athletes at Suunto Vertical Blue do, such as fasting & avoiding dairy products, or months of strength training, doing C02 tables or any stretching exercises. In fact the night before his record-setting dive to 80m free immersion (FIM) Antero ate a rather large meal complete with a half-gallon of ice-cream! Whatever his practice is, be it an aversion to training or what he jokingly says is “laziness” — it is working for him. On a day that saw three red cards and four “no-shows” Antero Joki ascended triumphantly to a new national record for Finland by completing his dive that took 3 minutes :20 seconds. Despite his muscular build and his large stature, Antero displays great elegance and fluidity in the water.

My dive was perfect. I want more.” quipped Antero. A profoundly simple statement from a very no-nonsense freediver.

The 80m FIM is Antero’s second record of the competition. Watch the video below to see his 73m CNF record setting dive.


Antero Joki Sets Freediving Records at Suunto Vertical Blue 1

photo ©  Igor Liberti

Antero Joki Sets Freediving Records at Suunto Vertical Blue 5
Francesca Koe
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