Aqua Lung Conducting ‘Product Check’ Of Certain Regulators

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If you use an Aqua Lung regulator with an ACD yoke system, you may want to have it checked by an authorized retailer or dive center.

Aqua Lung this week announced it is conducting a “voluntary product check” of the Titan LX ACD, CORE ACD, and LEGEND ACD or LEGEND LX ACD yoke regulators. The company says:

“For these regulators, a component of the ACD yoke system may not have been properly tightened to the recommended torque specification during manufacture. Aqua Lung is concerned of a possible gas flow failure during a dive when the regulator has been fitted on certain valves.”

The regulators that need checking are the ones with serial numbers beginning with the letters E, F, G or H and that haven’t been recently serviced.

When you bring your regulator to an authorized retailer or dive center, any corrective action will be done for free.

If you’re in the USA, you can call 800 775 3483 or in the U.K. call (0044)1254 692200.

For more info, check out the Aqua Lung website at