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Are you ready to rumble? Suunto Dive-Off 2010


You might call it “Clash of the Titans” or the most anticipated freediving competition we’ve seen in years, but either way William Trubridge’s annual apnea affair — Vertical Blue — promises to be a fantastic gathering of world-class athletes.

Freedivers from over 16 different countries will descend upon Deans’ Blue Hole in the Bahamas this April. The event will occur for nine days between April 17-27 and will showcase three main disciplines of  FIM, CNF, CWT. The performance of each discipline will be conducted for two consecutive days, with a planned day of rest in-between each phase, to allow all of the athletes proper recovery time. Some of the participating athletes share an astounding 58 records  – with Martin Stepanek and Herbert Nitsch leading that pack.

Dive-Off 2010

The announced list of athletes for the Vertical Blue 2010 Suunto Dive-Off are:

Eric Fattah
Carla-Sue Hanson
Misuzu Hirai            
Robert King
Dave Mullins
Guillaume Nery
Herbert Nitsch
Frank Pernett
Niki Roderick
Alfredo Romo
Jared Schmelzer
Ryuzo Shinomiya
Martin Stepanek
Walter Steyn
William Trubridge

William Winram

William Trubridge and his wife Brittany are the organizers of the event. 

Are you ready to rumble? Suunto Dive-Off 2010 3
Francesca Koe
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