There’s a new art installation off the coast of Hawaii that’s meant to bring attention to the threats the oceans face from pollution and other environmental dangers.

Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro, otherwise known as Hula, began a project called “Deep Seads” where he learned to paint underwater to set up a couple of artificial reefs.

To do so, he had to learn how to freedive. According to Hula:

“I remember doing my first five. I barely got to 10 feet. I think I held my breath for, like, 40 seconds. It was so discouraging and that’s when I realized I may have bitten off more than I could chew. I knew I needed to take the long path and learn proper training and techniques if I was gonna pull this off.”

The next 14 months, he dedicated his body and mind to getting himself — especially his lungs — into optimal shape.

The results were two artificial reefs with several of his works that he actually painted underwater, using paints that wouldn’t pollute the ocean.

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