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Atlantis Philippines – An Oasis for Biodiversity In The Heart Of The Coral Triangle  

Itching for a dive trip teeming with biodiversity and once-in-a-lifetime encounters? It’s looking like Atlantis Philippines is quite the treasure trove that divers will not want to miss.

A recent expedition carried out by Dr. Terry Gosling, senior curator of the California Academy of Sciences Invertebrate Zoology & Geology department, has approximately 200 newly discovered species of nudibranchs under review. This incredible variety promises endless rendezvous with new critters for even the most seasoned underwater adventurers.

For those divers who are less intrigued by the macro species, Atlantis’ location in the heart of Dauin on Sabang Bay places it right in the center of a 1-mile stretch of habitat with at least 40 dives sites. For those of us who have had Puerto Galera on our bucket list, this is ground zero for some of the best diving you could ask for in the region.

Due to the unique environment and unparallel sea floor depth in this part of the world, bordering along sites such as the Marianas trench, years of evolution and species diversification have resulted in booming biodiversity. The high level of productivity in these waters is a win-win for the organisms and divers alike.

What truly makes Atlantis Philippines stand out of the pack in such a hot spot for scuba lovers is the first class experience you will get both below the surface and on land. They pride themselves in providing everything you want in a resort with the convenience and specialization of world-class dive accommodations.

Atlantis Philippines - An Oasis for Biodiversity In The Heart Of The Coral Triangle  
Atlantis Philippines

Atlantis has been noted by several travel guides to be one of the most outstanding resorts in the Philippines, providing luxury arrangements right in the heart of the Coral Triangle. With luxury live aboard yacht options servicing a wide-variety of key destinations and specialized camera facilities Atlantis is any underwater photographers dream come true.

For additional information and details on pricing, accommodations and services visit and book the dive trip of a lifetime.

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