ScubaPro is kicking off 2018 with two new colors: A turquoise blue and an olive green for their soft gear and Hydros Pro BCDs, but you’ll also want to check out their new quick disconnect high-pressure hose integration for their hugely popular G2 wrist computer, complete with colored display. The wrist version retails for US$1566/~€1348 (complete with two transmitters), and the console version will set you back $1499/~€1290.

They’re also proud to present the Z1 wrist computer. It’s not air-integrated, but it is solar-powered so you’ll never have to worry about battery replacement or recharging. It also has an on-board compass and downloads via Bluetooth. It retails at $649/~€558 and will be available at the beginning of 2018.

Their C370 2nd stage is an improvement on their old C350 model, balanced and redesigned to minimize exhalation effort, it’s their smallest 2nd stage yet. Paired with their MK11 diaphragm 1st stage, it’s a steal at $465/~€400.

Finally, don’t forget to check out their new Glide BCD, the most feature-rich offering in their line. It’s jacket-style and features a y-harness with triangular d-rings and angled straps to better distribute weight and keep you diving in maximum comfort. The Bella has all those great features, with a few modifications to make it more comfortable for women divers. With the standard inflator, they’ll set you back $656/~€564, or you can upgrade to the Air2 for $778/~€669.

For more info on ScubaPro’s full product range, check out the company’s website at scuba

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