Sunday, June 23, 2024

Charles Davis

Charles Davis is an active diver for over 19 years who enjoys writing about his favorite activities, Scuba Diving and Travel. Also known as the Scuba Diving Nomad

Diving New Zealand

New Zealand has subtropical and temperate zones which can give a wide range of type of diving

Diving British Columbia

Jacques Cousteau has been quoted as saying that British Columbia has “the best temperate water diving in the world, and second only to the Red Sea”. While that was years ago, modern divers think along the same lines.

Going With The Flow – River Diving

Why river dive? Because it is there. A local river may give you the opportunity to dive more frequently.

DiveLive With A Marine Biologist

Divelive is a new program that takes you live to the best Grand Cayman dive sites and allows you to interact with the divers.

Distinctive Specialties – Would You Know What To Do If Attacked By A Zombie While Diving?

Distinctive Specialties cover many topics, some whimsical such as the Zombie Apocalypse Diver, some just plain fun, while others teach advanced skills or have a strong conservation message.

Be Shallow

There are many things that could be seen as a benefit for a shallow dive

Visibility Is Subjective

Poor visibility does not mean it has to be a poor dive. Adjust your diving to the conditions.

Boracay – A Paradise Lost

Boracay was listed as one of the best island in the world in 2017, by April 2018 things were very different.

Air And Your Dive Boat – RIBS

Inflatable boats and Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) are a favorite for many types of diving

The Scuba Cylinder

Whether you call them dive tanks or scuba cylinders - we take a look at why and when you should own one

Buying Your First Scuba Regulator

We look at all the different elements of Scuba regulators and what to look for when buying your first one

200bar – Finding that Perfect Scuba Diving Job Just got Easier

Are you a dive professional looking for the next experience? Or a dive center needing to fill some vacate positions? Then 200 bar might be what you are looking for.

Dive Panama

Panama, dive the Caribbean in the morning and the Pacific in the afternoon.

Getting Your First BCD

When you first start looking at the different buoyancy compensator devices on the market, it can be overwhelming. We take a look at your options.

The Art of Buying Your First Scuba Wetsuit

There are a number of reasons that you should have your own wet suit. Better buoyancy control and personal hygiene rank at the top.