Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Scuba Diving'Beyond Blue' Developers Release New 'Atoll' Teaser Trailer

‘Beyond Blue’ Developers Release New ‘Atoll’ Teaser Trailer


The developers behind the upcoming “Beyond Blue” ocean exploration video game have released another teaser trailer, this one focusing on an atoll and all the rich wildlife around it.

According to Variety, the trailer was released in conjunction with Netflix beginning to stream the BBC’s “Blue Planet II” documentary this month.

The premise behind “Beyond Blue” is probing the ocean’s mysteries through Mirai, a research team leader that sets out on an expedition to plumb the sea’s depths.

Mirai, the research team leader in the upcoming 'Beyond Blue' video game.
Mirai, the research team leader in the upcoming ‘Beyond Blue’ video game.

The game is being developed by E-Line Media, the same team that made the “Never Alone” game about the culture of Alaska Natives. Like the previous game, subject-matter experts were extensively consulted for “Beyond Blue” to give it added realism.

The game is scheduled for release in June 2019 on Xbox, Playstation and PC.

Check out the new teaser trailer below or go to the Beyond Blue website or Facebook page.

Beyond Blue | Atoll Reveal

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