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BFA releases update on Sara Campbell's 3 World Records

From the BFA, Mark Harris reporting:

Londoner Sara Campbell has rescued British Sport from the doldrums this weekend, with a spectacular coup of 3 World Freediving records, over a 48 hour period. This is nothing short of amazing, and has left the freediving community with jaws wide open.

On Friday, Campbell surprised everyone in Dahab, Egypt in the opening discipline of Free Immersion, at the ‘Triple Depth’ international freediving competition. She reached a depth of 81 metres, pulling down a measured line using arms only. In doing so, she relieved Russian freediving stalwart Natalia Molchanova of her previous record of 80 metres.

Just one day later, spectators were staggered to find that Campbell had posted a depth of no less than 90 metres for Constant Weight, where the athlete must descend using a swim fin. This was viewed as a gross over-estimate for the diminutive newcomer, who has been freediving for less than one year. With utter disbelief, the audience were shown just what grit and determination can result in, when Campbell returned to the surface with a depth tag. Not only had she beaten the previous World record holder Mandy-Rae Cruikshank, but had done so by an extra 2 metres.

The final day of the competition – today – there were now no surprises that Sara would aim deep for another world record – this time in Constant Weight No-Fins. As the name suggests, a swim to the depths with no assistance of any kind. Molchanova again the title holder, at 55 metres. Sara posted a metre deeper to beat this.

Within the last few minutes, unconfirmed reports have come through that Sara Campbell has taken the third world title to make sporting history. Never before has an athelete freedived for Great Britain, and taken a world title. Never before has any freediver taken a world title in less than 12 months of taking up the sport. And never before has any freediver taken 3 World Records in a 48 hour competition. Our nation should stand proud.


Mark Harris

British Freediving Association Press Officer


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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