Blawesome Launches New, Upgraded Wetsuit Dryer

Blawesome Launches New Wetsuit Dryer
Blawesome Launches New Wetsuit Dryer

Is getting into a chilly, damp wetsuit not one of your favorite things? Well, the folks at Blawesome recently launched a new, upgraded wetsuit dryer that’s less noisy than the original and can dry your wetsuit in as little as 20 minutes, depending on its thickness.

Blawesome Founder Jaime Moreno Mateos says:

“The new Blawesome resists the most adverse conditions and demanding adventures. It is the most powerful wetsuit dryer in the market and dries your wetsuit within record time. Blawesome also will extend the life of your gear, and help you with undesirable odours.”

Blawesome CoFounder Carmen Böhler notes that the new dryer can be used to dry other equipment such as a snow jacket or a motorcycle racing suit:

“The centrifugal fan pushes the air 360° with pressure, and therefore the airflow reaches every part of your wetsuit.”

The new dryer’s technical specifications are as follows:

* Dimensions: 435mm x 160mm x 190mm
* Centrifugal fan airflow: 290 m3/h
* Centrifugal fan maximum turning speed: 2.800rpm
* Airflow direction: 360º airflow
* Heating element power: 1000w
* Combined power consumption: 1050w
* Thermostat: automated temperature controlled switch at 100 ºF / 38 ºC
* Home connection adaptor: 110v and 220v available for EU, UK and USA plug.

On September 23rd, the company launched its latest crowdfunding campaign, and it has already exceeded its US$24,908/21,138 Euro goal. Individual units will retail for 109 Euros/US$129.

For more info, check out the Blawesome Kickstarter page.

Blawesome Launches New Wetsuit Dryer
Blawesome Launches New Wetsuit Dryer