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Breath-Hold Diving Medical Conference to be held


Dr Peter Lindholm has announced that he is currently organising for a 2 day conference dedicated to breath-hold diving. The scientific meeting will be held adjacent to the 2006 Undersea Hyberbaric Medical Society annual meeting in June 2006 at Orlando, Florida.

The program will discuss the diffent aspects of breath-hold diving with focus on physiology and pathophysiology. It will include a number of invited speakers as well as be open to submission of abstracts for free presentations.

The meeting is being partly sponsored by the UHMS, DAN (Divers alert network) and the US Navy. More information will be posted on the UHMS and DAN websites (UHMS.org and diversalertnetwork.org during the fall 2005)

Abstract deadline will be February-March 2006.

The list of invited speakers is (alphabetically): Dr F. Butler, Dr G. Ferretti, Dr M. Ferrigno, Dr P. Lindholm, Dr C. Lundgren, Dr N. Pollock, Dr E. Schagatay, Dr R. Wong, Kirk Krack, Tanya Streeter.

The focus of the meeting will be the latest research in breath-hold diving with focus on the current "extreme" breath-hold diving (apnea, competitions) and the development in knowledge since the last workshop held in 1987 by the UHMS

Breath-Hold Diving Medical Conference to be held 3
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