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Can You Be A Freediving And Spearfishing Ambassador?

Can You Be A Freediving And Spearfishing Ambassador?
Being a Freediving and Spearfishing Brand Ambassador - FreediveUK

Ian Donald from FreediveUK has been in touch as he is a man on a mission.  That mission is to help grow Freediving and Spearfishing in the right way and he is putting out a call to arms for everyone to be an Ambassador of the sports.  He wants every single Freediver and Spearo to be helping promote the sport and change public perception.

When talking to DeeperBlue.com Ian had this to say:

“Breath-hold diving is seeing an explosion in popularity, and for good reason; its accessible, fun, healthy and rewarding.

However, with this increase in exposure we must ensure that those already taking part in freediving and spearfishing, show it in a positive light.

Historically, the media and much of the general public have seen freediving to be a sport for those with a death-wish and spearfishing to be an activity for the blood-thirsty. 

We all know that this isn’t the case, but nonetheless we must do everything in our power to change that perception, not only for the general image of the sports but more importantly (particularly in the case of spearfishing) to keep the relevant authorities onside. If we don’t, we will all, one way or an other, suffer the consequences in the future. This is why, every time we go diving, we must act as ambassadors for our sports.”

You can read his blog post “To be an ambassador for freediving and spearfishing” on the FreediveUK website.

Do you agree with Ian?  Why not tell us in the comments box below.


  1. freediving and spearfishing are a very particular sports that anybody can practice and improve with help of ambassadors such as Ian, we only need support and love to these sports

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