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History of Diving Museum

Learn the History of Your Industry!

The History of Diving Museum has been teaching the public about the advancement of the diving industry since 2005.
Oceanic launches Alpha 10 regulator

Oceanic Launches Alpha 10 Regulator

Oceanic has launched a new and updated version of their Alpha 10 regulator
Deptherapy A Finalist For U.K.'s 2018 Soldiering On Awards

Deptherapy A Finalist For U.K.’s 2018 Soldiering On Awards

Scuba diving rehabilitation charity Deptherapy has been shortlisted as a Finalist for the U.K.'s 2018 Soldiering On Awards.
Fourth Annual PADI Women's Dive Day Slated For July 21, 2018

Fourth Annual PADI Women’s Dive Day Slated For July 21, 2018

The fourth iteration of PADI's annual Women's Dive Day will take place on July 21st, 2018.
Anthony's Key Roatan Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary With A Special Deal

Big Blue Dive Lights Will Sponsor Roatan Rodeo

Big Blue Lights sponsors week 3 of Roatan Rodeo
IANTD to use Diviac for its online dive logbooks

IANTD to use Diviac for its online dive logbooks

The International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers recently announced a partnership with Diviac for logging dives online and in the cloud. With Diviac, IANTD-certified...

DiveFilms interview WetPixel's Eric Cheng, the online diving film site, has posted a podcast interview with Eric Cheng. Eric is the administrator of WetPixel and a...

London Dive Show 2001

"The London Internation Dive Show (LIDS) 2001 is approaching fast and is due to land at the new exhibition centre ExCel in the heart...
New Artificial Reef Getting Started Off Baja California (Photo credit Frontera Ensenada TV)

New Artificial Reef Getting Started Off Baja California

Have diving Baja California on your bucket list? Well, the area now has a new attraction. A decommissioned Mexican Navy patrol ship was sunk recently...
Deep diver Richie Kohler getting suited up to dive the Britannic. (Photo credit:

A Chat With Britannic Diver Richie Kohler

For deep diver Richie Kohler, the Everest of diving is the Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic. The Britannic lies 400 feet below the surface...
Bull Sharks with Pro Dive Mexico

Pro Dive Mexico Offering Bull Shark Dive Packages

Get a thrill out of bull sharks? Want to start off the New Year by diving among them? The folks at Pro Dive Mexico may...
Scuba Diver and Shark. Creative Commons by Manoel Lemos

How Safe is My Scuba Diving Friend While Diving

Okay a show of hands, how many of you divers have heard the following from a friend or relative? "Oh My God, you are going...
The SUSiE Chronicles: Group Shot

The SUSiE Chronicles: Professional Development For Collegiates – Under the Surface

My name is Mallory Morgan and I recently graduated from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California. This past July I joined...
Second-Annual PADI Women's Dive Day To Take Place On July 16, 2016

Second-Annual PADI Women’s Dive Day To Take Place July 16

As part of its ongoing initiative to encourage more women to take up diving, PADI has announced that its second-annual, global "Women's Dive Day"...
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