Check Out Waterproof Diving International’s Drysuits

Waterproof Diving International at DEMA Show 2019
Waterproof Diving International at DEMA Show 2019

As Bjojrne Ehlme, the founder of Waterproof Diving International says, with his company you will get top-of-the line quality, design, and good-fitting suits.

Waterproof Diving International’s line carries everything from undersuits, wetsuits, and drysuits.

Depending on type, their wetsuits contain 100% CR neoprene or stretchy Aquatex neoprene, or high stretch Nylon Elastane.

The dry suits use YKK zippers, and with suit like D7X, you will get a slimmer fit, longer and curved zipper, Anatomical Kevlar reinforced boots, SI TECH Valves, and Nylotech material which is more resistant to abration.

Waterproof Diving have been developing and designing drysuit material since 1983, and have many satisfied returning costumers.

Their prices are top level, but you can be assured you are getting the top quality product, which will reward you with years of enjoyable diving experience.

For more info, check out the Waterproof Diving International website.

By Vaclav Havlik