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CMAS World Outdoor Freediving Championship 2022: Day 2 — New World Record For Petar Klovar


Day 2 of the CMAS World Outdoor Freediving Championship saw the setting of a new men’s absolute world record in the Free Immersion (FIM) discipline.

Petar Klovar’s World Record

Croatia’s Petar Klovar dove to a depth of 132m/433ft in just over 4 minutes, surpassing Poland’s Mateusz Malina’s absolute record set less than two months ago with his dive to 127m/417ft at the Vertical Blue competition in the Bahamas (set according to AIDA rules).

According to Molchanovs Freediving:

“With his incredible dive, Petar improved the previous absolute World Record in FIM by an astonishing 5m (16ft) in one go.”

CMAS Day 2 - Petar Klovar's World Record FIM dive (Image credit: Evgeny Sychev)
CMAS Day 2 – Petar Klovar’s World Record FIM dive (Image credit: Evgeny Sychev)

Malina himself had announced 121m/399ft but but had to make an early turn at 112m/367ft, earning a yellow card.

Consequently, second place went to both France’s Guillaume Bourdila and Croatia’s Vitomir Maricic, who both dove to 110m/361ft.

On the women’s side, Kateryna Sadurska from Ukraine nabbed the gold with a dive to 92m/302ft, a personal best. The Czech Republic’s Irena Vanova came in second with a dive to 83m/272ft, and Sanda Delija from Croatia won the bronze with a dive to 81m/266ft.

Masters Age Group World Records

As for the Masters categories, Ireland’s Nina McGowan nabbed the gold medal in the 50-54 age group with a dive to 40m/131ft, and for the men, Christian Vogler from France set a new age group world record with a dive to 95m/312ft.

In the Masters 55-59 age group, the USA’s Jennifer Brant earned a gold medal with a dive to 34m/111.5ft even though she had to turn back early from her announced depth of 43m/148ft. As for the men, the gold medal and world record went to Pete Botman from the Netherlands with a dive to 96m/315ft. The UK’s David Mellor earned a silver medal with an 88m/289ft dive, and the bronze went to Germany’s Jens Stoetzner with an 82m/269ft dive.

As for the Masters 60-64 age group, Germany’s Karsten Mohr added his second men’s world record at this competition with a dive to 75m/246ft, and France’s Christoph Dromard won a gold medal and a world record in the 65-69 age group with a 65m/213ft dive.

In the 70+ age group, the USA’s Annabel Edwards won gold with a 41m/134.5ft dive.

Check out the full video from Day 2 below, along with the results.

2022 CMAS Freediving Outdoor World Championship Day 2 - FIM

(Featured Image credit: Evgeny Sychev)

CMAS Day 2 Results
CMAS Day 2 Results
CMAS Day 2 Results
CMAS Day 2 Results
CMAS Day 2 Results
CMAS Day 2 Results
CMAS Day 2 Results
CMAS Day 2 Results
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