After the success of the innovative Octopus noseclip in 2016, this year Pascal Berger is introducing a new product under his Octopus brand: the Octopus Freediving Lanyard.

With many years as a deep freediver, Pascal could never find a lanyard that he was 100% happy with. There was always at least one small part that he would have liked to be different, so he decided to use his design skills and create his own version.

The use of an innovative carbon composite polymer means it is super-light and hydrodynamic while remaining as strong as aluminum, and resistant to corrosion for a longer life.

New Octopus Freediving Lanyard
New Octopus Freediving Lanyard

The 360° swivel at the carabiner end, the 100-cm plastic-coated stainless steel cable, and the shape and size of carabiner ensure minimal risk of entanglement around the dive line.

The elastomer quick-release “tag” to open the wristband velcro is brightly colored, and 3-dimensional, ensuring an easy-find and easy-grip even with gloves or in darkness, for added safety and speed of quick release activation.

It is also very easy to add your own extra inox quick-release system if this is the system you prefer, done in 1 minute and without any tools needed.

New Octopus Freediving Lanyard
New Octopus Freediving Lanyard

The wristband is made of strong marine-grade polyester Velcro, long-lasting and water-resistant.

And of course, all of that wrapped up in a super cool and sleek design, produced in Switzerland for top-notch quality.

Pascal is an international deep freediver and competitor but has also worked as an interior architect and designer for many years. This makes him aware of what freedivers need and want, but also able to design products that will meet those needs. As a good Swissman, precision and attention to detail are his priorities in the manufacturing process, to ensure a high-quality final product.

New Octopus Freediving Lanyard
New Octopus Freediving Lanyard

Similar to how the Octopus noseclip was funded, Pascal is launching a crowdfunding campaign for May & June 2017 to raise the initial costs of €25,000 for injection moulding and production of the elastomer parts.  In return for helping with initial costs, crowd funders get a great initial discount of up to 60% off.

Production will start during summer, and delivery is planned for October-November 2017.

To find out more and help fund the project head to the Octopus Crowdfunding page.

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