Czech Reality – Martin Stepanek Announces World Record Attempts

Going after the 120 meter mark in CWT from record holder Herbert Nitsch requires a cool head and a reliable equalization technique to say the least (and many other things!). Multiple record holder, Martin Stepanek of the Czech Republic decided now was the time to challenge the record. Starting May 23rd, Martin will be in Freediving mecca, Sharm El Sheik to go after three world records:

-Constant Weight currently held by Herbert Nitsch at 120M

-Constant Weight Without Fins currently held by William Trubridge at 88M

-Free Immersion currently held by Herbert Nitsch at 109M

I talked to Martin last night, he is in good spirits and happy about his training dives so far. He is heading to train in the Red sea starting May 5th. In the meantime you can check his website for news update about the record. Good Luck Mr Stepanek!