David Blaine holds breath for 17 minutes

BBC reports:

MagicianDavid Blaine has set a world record by holding his breath for 17 minutes andfour seconds on Oprah Winfrey’s US TV show in Chicago. Mr. Blaine had breathed 100%oxygen before commencing this breathhold.

Blaine, 35 years of age andwho has already failed in an attempt to break the record for breath-holdingunder water, was wearing a silver wetsuit when he went into a sphere filled withabout 8,200 litres (1,800 gallons) of water.

He was actually pulled out of the water-filledsphere, and then said he had begun to doubt if he would achieve his goal as heconsidered his heart rate too high. Theprevious record, which was 32 seconds shorter, was set in February.

Setting the record was”a lifelong dream”, he told Winfrey, which he said had been achievedby being in a meditative state throughout. When Oprah aslked him what he was thinkingabout during his time in the water, he apparently replied: “You.”

Blaine has done other stunts, such asspending a week in a coffin, balancing on top of a 100ft (30m) pole, wasencased in ice for two-and-a-half days, and fasting for 44 days in a box.