If you’re an underwater shutterbug and are thinking about entering your photos into a contest, Scubashooters is currently accepting submissions through April 22 for its annual Deep Visions photography contest.

Deep Visions 2018 has 40 sponsors offering prizes with a total value of over US$60,000(~48,790 Euros).

Henry Jager from Switzerland, Beth Watson from the USA, Isabella Maffei from Italy, Ivana Orlovic from Serbia, Davide Lopresti from Italy, Roland Bach from Spain and Fabio Iardino from Italy will be the judges to determine the winning shots.

One important point: The judging system is entirely web-based and programmed so that the members of the jury will not be able to determine who took the photos; consequently, photo submissions will have to be watermark-free.

For more information and the complete rules, go to scubashooters.com.

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