Deja Blue 6 – Day Two Results and Highlights

Deja Blue 6 continued into Day 2 of the competition with both Pool and Open Water dives for athletes under beautiful blue skies and clear seas.  The idea is that athletes can accumulate points in all self-powered Freediving disciplines (Static, Dynamic, Dynamic No Fins, Constant Weight, Constant Weight No Fins and Free Immersion) however can choose to only compete in a sub-set of them if they choose – this is especially true if they are focused on a National Record or Personal Best.

We saw two new National Records broken:

  • Shell Eisenberg broke the USA National Record for Dynamic Apnea No-Fins (DNF) with a 125m swim.  This record has stood for 6 years previously!
  • Scott Amos from Bermuda set another National Record with a 50m Constant Weight (CWT) dive

Full results can be found on the PFI Deja Blue 6 Result Page.  Congratulations to the athletes and you can see the highlight video below.

[vimeo w=700]

Deja Blue 6 Day 2