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DEMA 2006 Special: Day 4 – 11th October 2006

The Reporting Team are here on location at DEMA 2006 to report on all the latest happenings.

Hitting the floor for the final day (you can read about Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3) the team bring you the final set of reports on what was happening on the show floor.


Diver’s Alert Network, the world’s diving safety association, hosted a workshop on November 7, 2006 to discuss with industry leaders the issues surrounding fatalities investigations related to rebreathers. (more…)

(Grant Graves)

Light and Motion

Light and Motion, manufacturer of high end underwater photo and video housings, held a seminar on Advanced Imaging Techniques yesterday.

Giving real world examples shot mostly in HD with a Sony FX1, Light & Motion co-founder and past CEO Mike Topolovac started with important topics such as natural light, mixed light, and sun location. Following with a discussion of zoom, Topolovac then covered shutter speed, exposure and multiple shot types. Subnet movement and tripod use and recommendations were also discussed.

(Christopher Chin)

Michael AW

Michael AW, well known author and photographer, released his new bookBeneath North Sulawe Sea at the DEMA Show. (more…)

(Grant Graves)

24fps Productions

24fps Productions, Inc., a New York City based production company, presented its newly released instructional DVD: Underwater Video Basics. Producer Thomas Strodel was on hand on DEMA booth #303, and explained that most of the 47 minute instructional video was shot in Curacao, but that the video also includes footage from around the world.

“With so many people becoming interested in underwater videography, it’s important to know not only how to use your video system, but also how to compose shots and tell great stories”, said co-producer and cinematographer Steve Miller.

The Underwater Video Basics DVD retails for $29.95, and can be purchased directly from the website

24fps Productions plans to offer high definition versions of the program in the near future.

(Christopher Chin)

Have you ever wanted to take a scuba class or an advanced class but found that you didn’t have enough time to schlep back and forth from a classroom or a class, three or four times in a fortnight? Well is here to bring those classes to you. (more…)

(Francesca Koe)

Marine Rescue Technologies

Marine Rescue Technologies, Inc. has extended their normally commercial marine product line into the scuba sector with the Sea Marshall Lost Diver ‘SOS’ Alerting Unit (SMRS8-LD). The small oil filled unit, which can be worn about the diver’s equipment or clipped to a BCD, is rated to a depth of 100m, and is manually activated by the diver. With the push of a button, the unit begins to emit a visible light as well as a 121.5MHz international emergency homing beacon.

With an expected range of 1.5-2 miles in adverse conditions, and 7-10 nautical miles in ideal conditions, the system is intended for quick local management of emergency situations. With their usual range of 7-15 miles, government authorities may also home in on the signal, and search a 500 square mile pattern in 10 minutes, according to Michael Ritchie, the US Distributor.

For more information on Sea Marshall products, please visit

(Christopher Chin)


Reefnet Inc.’s Sensus Ultra dive data recorder represents the company’s third generation of recorder. Built on the strengths of its predecessors, it retains its wonderful ease of use and remains the most affordable unit on the market. (more…)

(Jim Doe)

Kapitol Reef

The Kapitol Reef snorkel is scheduled to be in production before the end of this year and be out on the market by the Spring of 2007. The revolutionary design uses “precision-engineered valves to carefully regulate exhalation pressure and balance it with external water pressure,” according to a company brochure. It will retail at $89. Go to for more information.

(John Liang)


SDI/TDI gave its annual presentation on Risk Management for Dive Facilities and their Professional Staff yesterday afternoon. (more…)

(Christopher Chin)

Underwater Photo Competition

The First Annual DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition in association with and is offering over $20,000 in prizes. (more…)

(Jim Doe)

United States Apnea Associaton

The United States Apnea Association, USAA, has been asked by Asahi Television to field a team of US Freediving athletes to compete head to head with athletes from Japan in Tokyo, Japan to be aired by the network on November 16. Four male and one female athlete will compete in the discipline of Dynamic No Fins, DNF. (more…)

(Grant Graves)

That’s a wrap from the show floor. Look for other articles in the DEMA 2006 Special Feature series of the next week as we finalise our coverage. DEMA Team DEMA Team
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