DEMA 2006 Special: Light and Motion launch Titan D200

This morning, Light and Motion introduced working prototypes of their new Titan D200 housing, designed specifically for the Nikon D200 10.2 Megapixel digital
SLR camera.

In addition to advanced features like Light & Motion’s signature double o-ring seals, and a 1-1 viewfinder, the Titan D200 features an electromechanical shutter
release, which provides better tactile feel between full and half shutter.
Also improved for this housing are "splash proof" internalized electronics, which help protect electronic boards from incidental contact with water.

The Titan D200 also includes an isolated upgradable module, which will allow for easier upgrade to the forthcoming D300.

Light and Motion is currently taking orders for the Titan D200 and expects to begin shipping by March 2007.

Visit Light & Motion at DEMA booth #2259, or at

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