DEMA 2006 Special: OMS Launch New CCR Rebreather

In conjunction with Grey Wolf Innovations, Inc., Ocean Management Systems (OMS) introduced the Tesseract CCR Rebreather.

The Tesseract utilizes a lightweight and proprietary material for the main scrubbing cylinder.  Filled and fully equiped, the Tesseract is expected to weigh in just at 50 pounds.

With the product still in development, designer David Weber indicated that a diveable prototype would be ready within two months, and that production versions should be available by the end of 2007.

In an interview with Weber, he revealed that some of his primary concerns are safety and predictable dependability, hence his desire for thorough testing.

"I’m a family man", remarked Weber.  "Being a dad, there’s no way I’m going to put something out there that’s going to hurt another dad."

The Tesseract is expected to bear a recommended maximum depth of 100m, but because the main cylinder, including electronics, utilizes a "no air" design, the unit
should theoretically operate down a depth of 2000ft.

You can find out more at DEMA Booth #2316, or at