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DEMA Show Helps Launch Second Wave of Inspiration Rebreather Invasion

Inspiration Evolution In March the invasion of the CE Approved Ambient Pressure Diving Inspiration Rebreather was launched in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean by Silent Diving Systems the appointed distributor.

At DEMA in Miami, the second wave of the invasion to make production closed circuit rebreather common place was launched with the public release of the New Smaller Lighter Fully Closed Circuit Evolution Rebreather which will start shipping in early 2004.

Although DEMA did not attract as many qualified buyers as it has in past years, Silent Diving Systems was pleased to announce that their booth was quite literally packed with interested industry stakeholders throughout the show. They reported that the Inspiration "Classic" Show Special Sold Out and the Inspiration "Limited Edition" sold like wild fire. At this time they only have a few "Limited Editions" which can be ordered for November delivery.

The number of Divers signing up for "Evolution" unit has been incredible. All container shipments for "Evolution" units for March 2004 are committed with deposits. Deposits for April container deliveries of "Evolutions are currently being taken.

The booth was a magnet of top divers from throughout the world. Astronaut and Moon explorer Buzz Aldrin was in their booth to arrange for his Evolution delivery and stuck around to visit for a few hours talking with other Inspiration Divers, signing Evolution brochures with the beach foot print and the statement "the next step." The Evolution brochure draws the direct parallel to the first foot print on the moon. Buzz actually took the picture of the moon foot print which is so well burned into all our brains.

Later in the day Jean-Michel Cousteau stopped by and reported he and his team had just returned from filming at sea and had logged 504 hours of bottom time and 267 dives on the four Inspiration units they have in their fleet.

Jean-Michel stated that the Inspiration allowed for a much great efficiency in the dive teams filming production dives. He further stated that marine life being filmed accepted the dive team as part of the sea rather than an intrusion. Our units operated flawless and he went on to arrange for a number of "Evolution" units to be added to his dive teams equipment locker as well as planning the electronic package updates for all the Inspirations they currently use.

Although, the prevailing attitude throughout the show was not reflecting great prosperity, Silent Diving Systems and Ambient Pressure Diving had a remarkable show and the momentum for our Closed Circuit Rebreather Products is just in it’s infancy. We invite all dive centers and diving professionals to come catch the wave of the new frontier of diving. Dive the silent way with Inspiration and Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreathers. Stop being a tourist in the ocean get your Inspiration or Evolution today and look forward to becoming a citizen of the sea.

At the show if we heard it once we heard it a dozen times. Long time divers are hailing our Inspiration and Evolution Fully Closed Circuit Rebreather as the single most important development in the sport of diving since the invention of the regulator.

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