DEMA has released a report on attracting new dive professionals to the industry.

The research and resulting report were conducted by William Cline of the Cline Research Group. The main aim of the report was to gain an understanding about how to get new dive professionals involved with the industry, the annual DEMA Show, and DEMA as an association.

The research sampled 40 people via written questionnaire, and nine new professionals via face to face interviews. The report findings include:

  • New professionals like dats and describe themselves as “Data Hungry.”
  • There is a belief amongst new professionals that the industry will grow.
  • Younger new professionals wanted a new and improved education, especially focused on marketing.
  • Key motivators for new professionals attending the DEMA Show include gaining further education, viewing new products, and innovations in the industry.
  • New professionals want to learn from experienced pros and view their experience as an asset and learning resource.

You can download the full report here.

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