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Digital Photography Month with Kararu Dive Voyages

Join Experts Jim Watt, Backscatter, & Light & Motion

Kararu Dive Voyages is delighted to have the opportunity to host, on board, the first Digital Photography Seminar in the Komodo National Park during the month of November 2003.

There will be three cruises sponsorred by & with special guests guests Jim Watt, professional Underwater Digital Photographer (, Berkley White from Backscatter and Dan Baldocchi from Light & Motion

The trip dates are as follows:

November 1 – 12, 2003 featuring Jim Watt only
November. 14 – 25, 2003 (featuring Jim Watt, Berkley White and Dan Baldocchi.
November 27 – Dec 8, 2003 (featuring Jim Watt, Berkley White and Dan Baldocchi

The cost for the trips will be $275.00 US per person per night. An additional flat cost of $250 per passenger will be charged for attending the seminar.

Don’t miss out on Jim Watt’s humble expertise and seminars every other evening with reviews every evening. On Jim’s trip without the presence of Light and Motion & Backscatter, there will be a limited amount of equipment for DEMO. This trip is more for advanced shooters who already have their own equipment.

Never tried digital underwater photography but always wanted to? Here’s your chance! Light and Motion and Backscatter will provide (during their two trips) digital demo systems for guests to use throughout the week. Their goal will be to outfit each guest with their own system, however, it will depend on the boat load and of current demo supply. Everyone will be able to shoot at least once per day. They will begin the voyage with an equipment seminar to get everyone familiar with the gear. Each night they will have image shows and progressively work through shooting techniques. At the end of each leg we will have a fun image contest with prizes such ast-shirts, hats, etc.

Please contact for more information. You can reserve your trip through any of the above listed sponsors, through your preferred travel agent, or with Kararu directly.


Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.