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Diving into the 21st Century

Advertising executives throughout the world have commercialized on the campaign that there will never be another period in our lives when we will symbolically have such a clean start. With the crossover from the 20th Century to the 21st Century, Deeper Blue has seen a wonderful opportunity with this concept and is now in the process of developing itself into the foremost online dive publication. Over the next six months you will see improvements within the publication that will have you anticipating each new release like you anticipate your next exotic dive vacation!

We begin these improvements with the basics. From this date forward expect a new release of Deeper Blue to be made available on the 10th of every month. In fact, you will not even have to expect it because if you provide your e-mail address to us through our E-Mail List, we will even inform you every month when a new issue of Deeper Blue has been released. Also beginning in this issue, enjoy our new "Photo Gallery" where breathtaking photographs from around the world are available to fuel your passion for the sport of diving. Finally, as the year progresses you will note that the site will become simpler to navigate throughout.

As the next six months progress you will also be introduced to such departments as "Diver Personality Profiles", which will provide in-depth interviews with both amateur and professional divers from around the world. As our contributing staff writers (which you are invited to become one of) increase in numbers, so will our ability to provide you with reviews of worldwide resorts, live-aboards and diving operators. Most importantly, since the more you learn the better diver you will become, Deeper Blue will present discussion forums that affect the entire diving community and areas for shared concepts that you may participate in.

Diving is a hands-on, interactive sport, which also means that it is an activity that requires on-going responsibility upon the part of the diving community. Such responsibilities include the need for all divers to follow the basic rules of protecting the environment and safety measures. These responsibilities are preached in every dive class and dive publication across the face of the planet. But, the real responsibilities that will allow the sport to continue throughout the 21st Century with a healthy image go beyond just the basics.

Make it your goal this year to introduce at least two people to the wonder of the underwater world through diving. Even if you are not a certified scuba instructor, you can cultivate a passion for diving into a non-diver in many other ways. Underwater photographs of interesting aquatic scenery and life are always a sure way to spark interest. Well-edited underwater videos offer the non-diver with a wonderful conception of what the underwater experience can visually offer. An exceptional tool to create enthusiasm for diving is to tell stories of amazing adventures or explain the sensuous experience of exploring a whole new world through the use of scuba.

Introducing new divers to the sport is not the limit of your responsibilities. Keep current with what possible government intervention is occurring throughout the world and participate in arguments or other passive forms of demonstration that show the world that the diving community can regulate itself. By keeping current with local, regional, national and worldwide news, you can discoverer ways to keep government intervention and regulation out of the diving community.

Another fundamental responsibility for individual members of the dive community is to participate in continuing diver education. New levels of dive training or mastering a specialty all provide you with the opportunity to show that you are becoming more and more proficient with the sport that you maintain a passion for. And the more passion you maintain the more you will enjoy the adventures and activities.

The responsibilities for the diving community as we enter the 21st century are more demanding and diverse than ever before in the sport’s history. But, with this responsibility comes along opportunities that will wet our appetite for more. Worldwide dive travel, exotic locations, advances in gear technologies and new styles of dive techniques are all adventures that we can look forward to.

Whether you are brand new to the sport or you have been diving for so long that you are beginning to grow gills, Deeper Blue welcomes you to the world of diving in the 21st Century.