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Durban Harbour pollution causing a stink

The Durban Harbour has been filled with hundreds of dead fish floating to the surface, alongside the smell of hydrogen sulphide in the air. The Kwazulu-Natal Department of Water Affairs and Forestry said that it may be due to "organic waste", however, further news reports say that that an industrialist stated that dead fish were flowing into the harbour from the Umbilo canal. This gentlemen, who is the Regional Manager for Natro Freight, has challenged authorities to visit all the industries around the Umbilo Canal, which use chemicals, and demand the certification to show where they have been dumping their chemicals.

Dead fish start lining the banks of the harbour from this point, to as far as Wilson’s Wharf, confirming the canal as at least one of the sources (if not the only source) of the poisonous substance that has been killing fish since last week. The dead fish have spread over several square kilometres, heightening fears that more fish, animals and their habitats could be affected. Wilson’s Wharf has ocean side restaurants whose businesses are now affected by the stench of rotting fish.

As yet there has been no official explanation. Durban is the is the second most populated city in South Africa, forming part of the eThekwini metropolitan municipality. It is the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal and is famous as the busiest port in Africa. It is also a major centre of tourism due to the city’s warm subtropical climate and beaches.

Sara-Lise Haith
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