Elios USA Launches New Website

Elios Wetsuits
Elios Wetsuits

Elios USA has launched its brand-new, web-shopping site for the ease of spearfishers and freedivers on the west side of the pond.

Known for their unparalleled design, craftsmanship and durability, Elios wetsuits are a favorite of European divers, but have been less accessible for American divers and underwater enthusiasts. But with the creation and launch of an easy-to-navigate and streamlined website that makes shopping quick and preferences easy, Eliosusa.com hopes to bring the best in freediving wetsuit choices to all of America.

The EliosUSA website offers six different types of high-end Yamamoto neoprene and breaks out the user type by spearfishing, competition and recreation. The variety of pattern and color options provide seemingly unlimited choices.

Check out the suit selections for yourselves at https://eliosusa.com and on Instagram here.

Elios wetsuits are a favorite of spearos
Elios wetsuits are a favorite of spearos around the world.