Sardines bring big fish and plenty of spectacular action, and now you too can witness this breath-taking event, with Pranamaya Mexico who are running freediving expeditions during this year’s Yucatan Sardine run.

The main focus of the expeditions will be to watch and observe the majestic sailfish as they feed on the sardines.

Like most big feeding events around the world, the action is not restricted to sailfish. You will also encounter dolphins, tunas, manta rays, and other pelagic predators as they come in to feed on the migrating schools of sardines.

If you ever saw BBC’s Blue Planet docuseries and experienced the amazing footage taken during the sardine run, the opportunity to experience this phenomenon for yourself is not to be missed.

You can find out more about the Yucatan Sardine Run here, or check out the highlights of last year’s sardine run below.

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