There is a new Freediving movie arriving in June 2016 – Momentum.  This new film takes us on a very personal journey into the hearts and minds of 16 of the world’s elite Freedivers.

The Freedivers involved in the project read as the who’s who of World Champions since the beginning of modern Freediving – Umberto Pelizzari, Enzo Maiorca, Guillaume Nery, Tanya Streeter, Natalia Molchanova, Alexey Molchanov, Davide Carrera, Andrea Zuccari, Ilaria Molinari, Christina Saenz de Santamaria, Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria, Stephane Mifsud and Lesley Rochat.

There are little details about the film as of yet but you can see more content on the films Website, Facebook page or Instagram page.

The Momentum premiere will be held in Rome, June 2016 and stay tuned to for more information as it comes available.

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