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Podium Winners Announced On Final Day Of The 32nd AIDA Pool Freediving World Championships


The 32nd AIDA Freediving World Championships concluded with thrilling displays of skill in the dynamic discipline, where athletes compete to cover the longest distance underwater while holding their breath and using a monofin. This technique offers efficient propulsion through the water, leading to the longest distances covered among all freediving pool disciplines.

Magdalena Solich-Talanda of Poland holds the current world record at 277 meters, and Guillaume Bourdila of France at 301 meters.

Final Day Of The 32nd AIDA Pool Freediving World Championships
Final Day Of The 32nd AIDA Pool Freediving World Championships

Record-Breaking Performances

This year’s competition saw remarkable performances, with 11 athletes setting new national records. The Zalgirio Arena pool podium featured renowned freedivers like Julia Kozerska from Poland, who claimed the world champion title in the DYN category.

New talent, such as Zsofia Torocsik from Hungary, earned a silver medal in her first world championships and left Kaunas with two silver medals. Yasuko Ozeki from Japan secured the bronze, steadily climbing the ranks in her competitive freediving career.

French athlete Clement Lesaffre claimed the world champion title in the men’s category with a final kick that propelled him to 254 meters, just two meters ahead of his closest competitor.

Ibrahim Al Sulaitni from Oman took silver with a 252-meter dive, while Canadian Sylvain Desaulniers earned bronze with a 242-meter performance.

Final Day Of The 32nd AIDA Pool Freediving World Championships
Final Day Of The 32nd AIDA Pool Freediving World Championships

Promoting Global Freediving

The championships highlighted the importance of expanding competitive freediving to more countries, ensuring the sport’s future growth and wider recognition on the international stage.

The prestigious Molchanova Award was presented to the winners during the closing ceremony. Named after the legendary freediver Natalia Molchanova, the award went to Julia Kozerska for the second consecutive year. She demonstrated her dominance with 427.1 points across all four disciplines, including three gold medals in dynamic categories and a fourth-place finish in static apnea.

David Spreitz Elings of Sweden emerged as the overall winner in the men’s category with 413.5 points. He became the world champion in static apnea and secured fourth place in both DYNB and DYN disciplines. This is a significant breakthrough for David, and we anticipate more impressive performances from him in the coming years.

Dynamic Performance Highlights

Women’s National Records

  • Lithuania – Evelina Navašinskaite, 207m
  • Korea – Jiyeon Kim, 222m
  • Israel – Thalia Sklair, 153m
  • Romania – Diana Boesan, 161m
  • Finland – Janita Kulkula, 200m
  • Portugal – Sandra Brum, 150m
  • Latvia – Ilona Bardiseva, 167m
  • Hungary – Zsofia Torocsik, 250m

Men’s National Records

  • Lithuania – Ivan Gavriljev, 200m
  • Oman – Ibrahim Al Sulaitni, 252m
  • Lithuania – Aleksandr Tetervov, 213m

Men’s Continental Records

  • North America – Sylvain Desaulniers, 242m
  • North America – Rolando Salgado, 266m

Women’s Continental Records

  • North America – Natalie Bruce, 231m

Podium Results

Women’s DYN Podium

  • Gold: Julia Kozerska, Poland – 252m
  • Silver: Zsofia Torocsik, Hungary – 250m
  • Bronze: Yasuko Ozeki, Japan – 231m

Men’s DYN Podium

  • Gold: Clement Lesaffre, France – 254m
  • Silver: Ibrahim Al Sulaitni, Oman – 252m
  • Bronze: Sylvain Desaulniers, Canada – 242m

Watch The Highlights

You can watch the highlights from Day 4 below or on YouTube.

These extraordinary achievements and the overall event are documented on the AIDA YouTube channel. Check out the highlights of Day 4 at the AIDA Pool World Championship Kaunas 2024 to experience the excitement firsthand.

For more in-depth coverage, visit and stay updated on the latest in the world of freediving.

Photos and Videos courtesy of ICARUS Sports

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