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FREE to run 4th edition of its succesful Master Course/Training Camp event in November

FREE Instructors Rudi Castineyra and Yasemin Dalkilic will be conducting the 4th edition of the FREE Master Freediver/Deep Training Camp combo that has become so popular among serious freedivers. The event allows advanced freedivers to take the next step in their training education with FREE’s top learning experience, the Master Course. During seven days, participants will not only learn the same methods and techniques used to set more than 20 world records, but they can also dramatically improve their performance under the supervision of the world-calss instructors and a team of experienced safety divers. FREE judges will be at hand to verify performances for those students wishing to attempt national or continental records, or just have a new personal best officialized by judges.

The event will take place from November 29th through December 4th, in the waters off the town of Kas, in southern Turkey. A two-day Instructor Seminar will follow the course, for those graduates interested in becoming instructors themselves. For those less experienced freedivers who are interested in a less demanding test than the Master course, the instructors will also be running an Advanced Freediver course from November 24th through the 28th. For more information on dates, prices and other details, please visit or contact the organizers directly at:

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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