Freediving has reached the cold, Canadian shores of Nova Scotia with the formation of the Halifax Freediving Club a few months back.

A group of passionate freedivers formed the club, and one of the members is Nicolas Winkler, a local freediving instructor.

According to the CBC, members of the club acknowledge that freedivers existed for years in Nova Scotia, but for the first time, they have joined forces to create an organized sport. The passion for freediving is strong in all members.

As Jared Cloutier, the president of the Halifax Freediving Club, told the CBC:

“It’s relaxing; you don’t think about anything else. You’re not thinking about work; you’re not thinking about next week’s exam or project, or any of that stuff. You’re just focused on what you’re doing right now.”

The club conducts courses and is aiming to grow the sport in waters not traditionally associated with freediving.

You can check out a video of freediving in Nova Scotia below.

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