Funeral arrangements have been set for freediver Audrey Mestre

As posted in the October 16th edition of the Miami Herald:

…According to Eddy Matos, the Dominican representative of the IAFD, (Audrey) Mestre will be cremated today and her ashes thrown into the ocean Saturday.

Mestre’s body was flown to Miami on Tuesday, accompanied by her parents, Jean Pierre and Anne-Marie Mestre, and her husband, Francisco ”Pipin” Ferreras.

Mestre, 28, died Saturday trying to become the deepest breath-hold diver in the world — man or woman. She drowned after riding a weighted sled down a cable 561 feet deep off the Dominican Republic. Something happened on the way back up when Mestre was supposed to be pulled by an inflated balloon, and divers brought her back to the surface unconscious. Attempts to revive her failed.


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