Greenpeace Asks Belize To Continue Support For Conservation

Belize is requesting to join the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and is expected to attend the 55th meeting which takes place in Berlin from June 16th-19th.

This small country which is renowned worldwide for its ecotourism industry is likely to come under intense pressure from the government of Japan, which is believed to have recruited it, and other whaling nations to vote in favour of whaling and against conservation initiatives including the Berlin Initiative.

In order to bolster it’s request, Greenpeace has established an online petition form that can be filled out by anyone and will be utilized in a campaign to ask the Belize foreign minister and to the Belize fisheries minister to continue their support for conservation.

You can add your voice to those calling on Belize to maintain its tradition for sound support for conservation by visiting Greenpeace’s website at

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