iDive Free: The Italian Freediving and Spearfishing Dive Computer

Ratio iDive Free
Ratio iDive Free

The iDive Free by Ratio, distributed worldwide by Salvimar, is a relatively new product. Whilst born for both Freediving and Spearfishing, the Italian computer watch is also able to be used for Scuba Diving.

The iDive Free is complete with the most common features needed in Freediving and Spearfishing computers. The iDive Free has a large case, made of completely machined 316 stainless steel, which gives the watch a solid and pleasant look although it might seem a bit heavy for some. The screen is made of scratch-proof Sapphire crystal. It also has Depth Alarms as is now standard in many computer watches.

The specific and very interesting functions and characteristics of the iDive Free: First, the algorithm that calculates surface time needed between dives can be adjusted at 10 different levels. Compared to other computer watches, the iDive Free does not simply indicate surface time needed between each dive using the dive time of the previous dive, but can be regulated and adapts to the type of dive done previously (for example: up and down – as in freediving – or up, stop at bottom and up again, as in spearfishing). Analysis of all the previous dives is also done to indicate need for hydration.

The Taravana control algorithm, which monitors each single dive run and calculates the minimum recovery time between the dive, is also very interesting for Freedivers. Through a black band indicator on the screen, the computer displays the time needed before each dive. The calculation is performed considering previous dives, also done days before. Also, before a deep dive, it is possible to set depth so the computer will indicate the warm up dive that should be done previous to the deep dive, and also the surface time between the warm up dive and the deep dive.

It also has a unique battery for a diving watch – one that is rechargeable through a USB connection. The same connection is used to download data on the computer, and have all the information about each dive, with surface and bottom water temperature, average water temperature, maximum and minimum depth of each dive and average depth of the whole session. Another interesting feature is also the indication of descending and ascending speed. Graph of the dive with all this information is also visible on your PC and a small version is also visible on the screen of the watch.

Maximum operating depth is 220m/721ft. Other key functions include a 3D compass, altitude, barometer, temperature and weather forecast.

You can find out more at the Salvimar website.  There is no word on price or availability yet but we will bring you more information as it becomes available.

Ratio iDive Free
Ratio iDive Free


  1. Ciao Michele, The IDive Free indicated in your link is the old version of the computer watch. This version had a heavier case, which was forget instead of fully machined, lighter and of better quality, as for the new version of the iDive Free. Some other minor changes have also been made. Hope this helps.

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