Japan's Legendary Ama Divers Harvest Abalone Just as in Ancient Times

Kotoyo Motohashi is 68 yars old. She has been diving without the aid of scuba since the age of 18. She is the oldest shellfish diver in Shirahama’s Nojimazaki district on the tip of the Boso Peninsula, 100 kilometers southeast of Tokyo.

When she began her work as an ama diver she originally harvested "tengusa," a type of red seaweed, and sazae sea snails which are delicacies in Japan. She then graduated to diving deeper in search of abalone, a mollusk that hides in rock crevices in kelp forests.

To read the full story about the fascinating history and the amazing skills of these ama women divers who still dive for abalone in Japan today, you can visit their website at http://www.japantoday.com/.

Source:Japan Today