Friday, July 12, 2024

Jordan Implements the Green Fins Program


Jordan has become the 15th global country to implement the Green Fins program.

The Reef-World Foundation confirmed the news following the launch of the program in Aqaba. The launch followed a weeklong training program from June 10-15, as a result of which, Jordan now has:

  • Five fully certified Green Fins Assessors.
  • Two Green Fins Coordinators- from the Aqaba Marine Reserve and the Royal Jordanian Navy Forces.

The Aqaba Special Economy Zone Authority (ASEZA) is implementing the new initiative in Jordan. The new program aims to recruit and train diving and snorkel operators in the country to become Green Fins members. As well as encourage best practices in operators to encourage and attract environmentally conscious tourists.

Commenting on the introduction, Chloe Harvey, the executive director of the Reef-World Foundation, stated:

“I’m thrilled to welcome Jordan to the Green Fins network as the fifteenth country to adopt the initiative to secure the future sustainability of their marine tourism industry. ASEZA has shown exceptional leadership in recognizing the opportunity to establish best environmental practice among their diving community with Green Fins. Jordan is a unique diving destination and home to a bountiful array of marine life. Our coral reefs are in serious trouble; it’s possible that coral reefs globally could be lost in our lifetime. Reducing local, direct threats to coral reefs, such as those posed by diving and snorkelling activities, will significantly improve their chance of survival.”

While Green Fins Local Team Leader Dominik Lee Zaax Wyszogrodzki added:

“Divers are willing to pay more for services provided by dive centers that follow environmental regulations, and they expect dive centers to be leading the way in protecting the ocean. Implementing Green Fins in Aqaba is going to open us up to new markets and bring us to be one of the top diving destinations in the world.”

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Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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